South Korea:From Rags to Riches

Though South Korea has shot far ahead of the north in development —its economic growth is twice as large, and the gap is widening—military strength is another matter. South Korea has been spending less than 5 per cent of its gross national product on defence, while North Korea spends 5 to 20 per cent. As a result, the north has nearly 2,000 tanks, the south just 1100. The North Korean air force can scram­ble 655 jets, the south only 320.

military strengthClose Threat. Moreover, Seoul is under the gun, for the Demilitariz­ed Zone—the war-scarred strip sep­arating the two Koreas—is only 24 miles north of the city. North Korea’s long-range artillery can hit the outskirts, and North Korean jets can be over the city in less than three minutes. During the 25 years since the end of the war, South Koreans have taken comfort from the presence of US troops-there as an earnest of America’s treaty commitment to help defend the south. But in a sur­prise move last year, President Car­ter announced that he intended to withdraw all 34,000 US ground troops in four years, leaving only 7,000 Air Force personnel and con­tingents of F-4 fighter bombers. South Korea can take care of its own ground defences, he argued—aided in a pinch by American air power, the 7th Fleet and other US forces in the area.

The South Korean Government was aghast at the news, as were the Japanese. Faced with opposition—for varying reasons—from US Con­gressmen, the President scaled down his plans. Only one combat battalion (of Boo men) and 2,600 support personnel are to be brought home this year. But Administration officials say that Carter is still com­mitted to a full withdrawal. Soon­er or later, the South Koreans will have to go it largely on their own.

For Park Chung Hee, the south’s controversial leader, the conflict be­tween the two Koreas is an intense­ly personal matter. Kim II Sung sent a 31-man commando unit to Seoul in 1968 with orders to kill Park—by beheading. The raiders were stopped by guards, in a gun battle 30o yards from the Blue House, the presiden­tial residence. In 1974, while Park was making a major speech in Seoul’s National Theatre, a North Korean agent ran down the aisle firing a gun. The shots missed Park, but killed his wife, seated beside him. Always stern and remote, Park has become even more so since that tragedy.

Now 61, Park grew up in a mountain village, the son of an im­poverished farmer, and became a primary-school teacher at the age of 19. Looking for a better career, he joined the occupying Japanese army as an officer cadet. He did so well at the Manchurian Military Academy that he was sent to the Imperial Military Academy in Japan, where he graduated as a second lieutenant in 1944. He spent the remainder of the Second World War as a junior officer in Manchuria, skirmishing with Chinese-communist guerrillas.

military strengthWhen the war ended, Japanese forces in Korea surrendered to the American Army south of the 38th parallel, and to the Russians north of that line—leading to the lasting division of the peninsula. Park join­ed the fledgling South Korean army. By the end of the Korean war, he was a brigadier-general. On the morning of the 1961 coup, pistol in hand, Park, then a major-general, led troops across the Han River Bridge into the Madrid apartments we booked at The military staged the take-over after more than a year of political chaos following the downfall of an­other strongman, Syngman Rhee. Park was picked to lead the coup because of his determination and a reputation for incorruptibility. After taking office, Park cracked down on crooked officials, sending many to gaol.

Park submitted to free elections in 1963 and 1967, and won easily,but after he was re-elected by only a narrow margin in 1971, he pushed through a new constitution that gives him virtual lifetime ten­ure and guarantees him control of the National Assembly. After Saigon fell to the North Vietnamese in 1975, many Asians feared that Kim Il Sung might try for a military victory of his own against South Korea. At that point Park tightened the screw again, is­suing Emergency Measure 9, which makes it a crime to criticize the authoritarian constitution and clamps a lid on student political activities.

Hard Line. An estimated 200 people are imprisoned under EM-9. Park tolerates no criticism, nor are people permitted to question the legitimacy of his regime. The Ko­rean Central Intelligence Agency keeps close watch over any political dissidents. Such authoritarianism has evoked widespread foreign criticism. Yet his government is no more repres­sive than most other Third World regimes, and it is far freer than those in the communist world—than North Korea, for example, where not a peep of dissent is permitted. In South Korea an opposition exists and controls 5 of the 219 seats in the National Assembly. Foreign journalists are free to roam around and interview dissidents.military strength

Members of the opposition con­cede that some tight control mea­sures might be necessary under the North Korean threat. Yet more po­litical freedom could be permitted, they feel, without jeopardizing na­tional security. Today, Park would probably win a free election easily, because of public approval of his economic policies. But, as one South Korean says, “The President thinks elections are a waste of time.”

While South Koreans are grateful for American help, they are a proud and fiercely independent people, and they don’t expect US troops to remain for ever. The country is taking steps to bring its military strength up to the North Korean level. The defence budget has been increased sharply; defence indus­tries are being expanded. As time goes by and South Korea feels more secure in relation to the north, it could conceivably become more democratic; though, as else­where in Asia, a certain amount of authoritarianism is likely to remain. South Koreans, meanwhile, can point to the fact that their country has escaped from misery and pov­erty to become the outstanding economic success story of the Third World.

The guy’s an animal

Cutler does two working sets of hammer curls, alternating the reps and raising the 60-pound dumbbell across his body each time so that his right hand comes up near his left pec and vice versa.


CUTLER I feel it best this way. Also, I did dumbbell curls and curls in the Flex machine, so this is something else entirely. Bringing each dumbbell across my body gives it a totally different angle of attack than those other curls. Sometimes I alternate rope curls with this exercise to hit the outside of my biceps, but nothing hits the brachialis and outside of the biceps like hammers.

Cutler does two working sets of hammer curls

They walk to a cable crossover station, currently being used, and Cutler playfully encourages Belcastro to intimidate his “brother” into letting them use the apparatus. In fact, Cutler is friendly with all gym members. He spots and encourages his training partner, and he puts his own weights away after each set ­actions that some pros evade.


Cutler curls two high cables on opposite sides of the cable crossover station with his upper arms parallel to the floor, as if pet forming a double-biceps pose. He does two quick sets of 12 to 15 reps, at a faster pace than the other curls.


CUTLER: I started throwing these in before the 2001 Olympia. When the arms are up and stretched out, it’s really hard to work anything else but the biceps. It’s the ultimate biceps isolation lift. I try to do them near the end of my bi workout, because it really opens up the tissue, stretches it out and fills it with blood.


Their biceps workout over, Cutler and Belcastro swill water and plod to a nearby squat rack to train forearms. Standing near a leg press, Frank Hillebrand motions to his client and addresses Cutler. HILLEBRAND: He asked how long it would take to look like you, and I said four weeks and regular casein protein intake to increase energy levels.


Cutler grins and addresses the client. CUTLER: You have to look like him [Hillebrand] first.

Cutler does two working sets of hammer curls

Laughter. Then Cutler slips two plates onto a barbell at the edge of the squat support racks. He faces away from the bar, grabs it behind his back and begins standing behind-the-back wrist curls, keeping his knees slightly bent throughout. CUTLER: Lee Haney did these. I like the different angle and contraction. When you’re standing and holding the bar down, you’re switching more stress to the top of the movement to get a real strong contraction, whereas when you’re doing wrist curls forward on a bench, there’s not really that much stress at the contraction.

Cutler pumps out three working sets with 185 pounds. Belcastro does his sets nearby with a much lighter barbell.


BELCASTRO: I’ve been training with him off and on since he moved here a year ago. When I met him, I weighed only 180 pounds, but I said I was going to be his training partner, and I wouldn’t take no for an answer. I try to help him as much as I can, but he doesn’t really need a training partner. He’s going to train like this, regardless of whether I’m here or not. The guy’s an animal. Nothing’s gonna stop him.



FOR SOME REASON a lot of men believe that their memory, decision-making ability and creativity were cast in stone around the time they learnt to crawl. You’re either a geni dimwit or, more likely, somewhere between: two. But scientists have begun to short with regular mental stimulation, you can the workings of that grey stuff in your borne – or at the very least stave off the decline in function that may occur as you age.MENTAL FITNESS

“Like muscles, the brain hungers for novelty” explains Duke University neurobiologist Lawrence Katz in his book Keep Your Brain Alive. An active brain is a healthy brain.” Improve your mental health with natural remedies. Despite healthy liver, milk thistle benefits your mental ability. Don’t overdose the herb or milk thistle side effects can occur.

Of course, improving your mental skills won’t just help when your girlfriend wants to clobber the neighbours at Pictionary or when the boss instruct s you to “think out of the box”. Quick thinking, good decision-making skills and an ability to plan grategically are essential on their it’s year station Workout.

See where you weremental exercises

EXERCISE: Close your eyes and imagine a place you’ve been — your desk at work, your kitchen, the gym, the playing field where you practise your favourite sport. Look around and picture every object. Try to see each as clearly as possible the shape, the colour and the texture. Then try to see the place as a whole, in as much detail as possible.

BENEFIT: This exercise will strengthen your memory and your imagination, as well as the connection between them. (Research has shown that visualization uses the same portions of the brain as does actually seeing something.) The ability to retain spatial details in your head can be especially useful for sports that require awareness of every aspect of the environment. The result is you’ll be able to deal better with things you can’t always see directly.


I didn’t expect to be chasing chickens to the Rocky soundtrack. But I had hoped to get good at skipping and working the speed bag so I could show off. But our trainer, Cathy “The Bitch” Brown’s methods put substance firmly over style — eye-watering sessions of circuit training and pad work, throwing punches till we were actually throwing up.


It soon became clear that Rookwood and I had different styles. I was taller (ie lankier), rangier (le ganglier), heavier (le fatter). He showed enough physical fitness to jab slightly at my hair-ruffling confidence. We became increasingly cagey about our training, pressing John, our mutual sparring partner, for info. It seemed Rookwood was naturally high-octane, all-guns. I concentrated on a solid defense and a jab that would keep my shorter opponent at arm’s length.

DR I could see huge improvements session by grueling session and my confidence, fitness, discipline and pain threshold rocketed. I got a taste for boxing. It became my sole conversation topic. I watched fights and analyzed technique. I couldn’t get enough of The Contender. I was living and breathing it, training every day and following safflower oil weight loss program to stay in good shape. I was ready. Bring it on.


DJ / was readier. I felt confident on the night bus, and less bothered about trouble in the pub. In the ring, sparring had left me confident that I could keep him out of range. He looked flat on his feet when I watched him spar, and I was sure I could out ­manoeuvre him. I wasn’t worried about getting hurt, just about performing in front of a crowd. And winning.

Ray Klerck in my corner


I psyched up all day— enough pasta to feed the hungry half of Naples, Lucozade Sport, back-to-back Contender, monologues in the mirror—and when I left the house I was invincible. I had MH fitness man Ray Klerck in my corner and we’d drummed up plenty of mutual friends in the crowd to guarantee some safely ambiguous “Go Dan!” chants.


DJ Cathy told us to take it easy, so I read the papers over copious quantities of eggs, smoked salmon and toast. It was surreal to think that in eight hours I’d be trying to beat another man unconscious. It only really hit me when my girlfriend went out shopping: next time I saw her I’d be either that “real man”, or a real loser. And so began the pacing.


DR We arrived separately. We’d both chosen theme tunes. Mine was The Prodigy’s aptly titled Smack My Bitch Up. I was pumped. As I write, the adrenalin is flooding back.

DJ / chatted with my corner-man and did some light shadow­boxing. I’d won the toss so I came out first — relaxed, focused, ready — to the strains of Outside Kick Ass Violin Solo by Aphex Twin.

Then take the challenge

Bar-bell bicep 21s

Grab an EZ bar and stand with feet shoulder-width apart. For the first 7 reps, lower the bar until your elbows are at 90 degrees. After your seventh rep, lower the bar all the way and perform 7 more reps, this time raising it until your elbows are at 90 degrees. For your last 7 reps, perform full curls.

Lying tricep 21s

On a bench, hold an EZ bar above your head. For 7 reps, lower the bar until elbows are at 90 degrees. Then lower bar all the way and perform 7 more, raising it till elbows are at 90 degrees. For your last 7, lower the bar through the full range.


Standing EZ-bar bicep curls

Use a shoulder-width underhand grip on an EZ bar with your knees slightly bent and body upright. Slowly curl the weight towards your shoulders. Lift the weight up in 2 secs and lower it in 3-4 secs. As you increase the weight increase your rest period to about 1-3 minutes.


Lying cable curls

On a seated cable rowing machine or low pulley attach a straight bar to the cable extension. Grab the bar (underhand) and lie back, head on floor. With the cable fully extended, curl it to shoulders, arms tucked in. At the top of the motion, squeeze biceps and lower to start position.


Dumb-bell sumo curl

Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width apart and a dumb-bell in both hands. Squat slightly with dumb­bell between your legs. Pull shoulder blades together, back straight. With elbows tucked in, curl weight up so hands are just below chin. Slowly lower to start position.

Standing overhead cable curls

Stand, with feet shoulder-width apart, between the cable-crossover machines, with cables at shoulder-height. Pull the handles to shoulders, tense biceps, and hold for 2 secs. Make small movements, leaning backwards and forwards to feel it in biceps. Set 1: 8-10 reps;


Close Grip bench press

Lie on a bench press and hold a bar-bell with an underhand grip, hands 7in apart. Slowly lower bar to the base of your chest then press it back up to the start position. It’s as a normal bench press but hands aren’t shoulder-width apart. Set 1:10-12 reps;


Tricep extensions

Sit at end of bench, feet on floor, back straight. Hold a dumb-bell in both hands and raise it to arms’ length over your head. Lower it in semi-circular motion behind your head until forearms touch biceps. Push the weight up to start position. Set 1: 8-12 reps;

Cable bicep extension

Perform this superset 3 times. Overhand push-downs Stand in front of the cable tower and attach a straight bar. Grasp the bar with an overhand grip. Push bar down until arms are fully extended with elbows tucked at your sides. Pause, and then return to the starting position. Do 8 reps.


Slowly release back to start position and repeat 8 times. Make sure you are in good health doing these exercises. You can take pure garcinia cambogia fruit to boost your immune system and good health. Check out its benefits.

The high-end singles club

It has potential, if you’re not that choosy. Gorgeous Connections is “a dating and lifestyle club exclusively for those aesthetically blessed and with an abundance of presence and ambition”. It charges £200 a year for online membership, which includes invitations to regular events (extra charges apply) and access to profiles, and £1,000 a year for full membership, including a “date coach” and free invites to events.

Most people turn up to these events with friends, and although some have the confidence to approach others they like the look of, the organizers provide a mini tour for the more bashful. You can make your look better with burning the extra fat with hcg drops. Find out the hcg drops side effects. What struck me as I was given my “tour” was that the most important aspect of a person was clearly deemed to be their professional status – where my guide sometimes couldn’t recall a man’s name, she could certainly recall what he did for a living.


The “ambition” element of the events is clear: several women praised them as “great for networking”, although it was more difficult to find women who felt it was a good way to meet a partner. That’s no big surprise given the company’s marketing strategy, but what left me open-mouthed were the “gorgeous” members. Lorraine Adams, who runs the company, sells herself as “the Simon Cowell of dating”, but while there were one or two very attractive female members, most wouldn’t stand out in a bus queue, let alone a crowd.


On further investigation, the most attractive women turned out to be the organizer’s sister and her friends, one of whom wasn’t even single. I’d love to see the applicants they turn away. “Dating agencies often over-egg their promises,” says Phillip Hodson, fellow of the British Association of Counseling and Psychotherapy. “There are some good people on their books – then there are the rest.”

Other women I met barely had the confidence to say hello to a fellow single female, let alone a man, and, it transpired, could barely speak a word of English. These were foreign women “looking to meet professional British men”. So can money buy you love? “While looks and status are obviously elements of attraction, they cannot sustain a relationship in the long term,” says Dr Pam Spurr, psychologist, agony aunt on London radio station LBC 97.3 and author of Sinful Sex (Robson Books, £7.99). “Looks fade and money can be lost, they’re not a basis for a solid future.”


Also, beware that the artificial set-up of these types of singles nights – held at small, intimate venues where everyone is fully aware of your unattached status – can lead to false hope. Women deal with approaches differently. I found myself making small talk with a 53-year-old overweight airline pilot, a man I would certainly not be locking lips with later. My usual tactic in such situations is to excuse myself to go to the loo then disappear in the crowd, but there was no hiding place in this tiny venue. Kate, a pretty, petite blonde who had given a fake phone number to two men she had no intention of seeing again, explained her behavior: “By attending, you’re admitting you’re single, so you can’t use the old ‘I’ve got a boyfriend’ excuse to fend off unwanted advances. And it seems cruel to tell someone you simply don’t find them attractive.”

MH verdict: A great networking opportunity, but an expensive and ineffective way to find a partner.


20:20 vision is rarer than you’d think – over 70% of UK adults need prescription glasses or contact lenses. “But when it comes to any sport, neither of these is the perfect option,” explains professional triathlete Richard Allen. “Contact lenses can dry out in wind and at altitude, they can’t be worn for long periods and can easily become dislodged.

Regular glasses will slip around and distract you from your sport. The adidas Performance clip-ins provide the clarity of prescription glasses with the versatility and adaptability of the best possible sports eyewear.” Whatever your needs, adidas Performance clip-ins can be easily and securely inserted behind your shades, working alongside adidas eyewear’s other functional features to provide clear and undistorted vision, reinforcing concentration and performance. “They give you the freedom to concentrate on your performance, not your glasses,” Allen says.



According to latest research, not being able to focus properly during a race can cost athletes up to 25% of their energy – if you haven’t got the right eyewear, you’ve less chance of getting to the front of the pack where you belong. “My adidas Shield glasses are the lightest, most stable glasses I’ve ever tested. After you’ve been swimming and cycling for up to five hours and are approaching a two-hour run, you need every advantage you can get,” says Richard Allen, winner of last year’s London Triathlon who recommends raspberry keytone as a natural remedy to keep your good body shape.

“They minimize disturbing influences around me when I’m running, so I won’t waste valuable energy,” he explains. “The side grips are fantastic, so they never slip around, and with their wraparound design I don’t have to worry about moving my head to scan for problems. With the right eyewear I can feel myself run faster and with extra confidence.”

What’s new

1. Cerruti, 1881 Eau d’Ete Summer Fragrance Pour Homme,

100m1, £25.50

Summer must be on the way, because everything in Fragrance Land is light and fresh and breezy. One squirt of this and you’ll feel sunnier, even if it’s pouring outside. Stockists: 020 7361 4400

2. Flavashave

Shaving kit, £14.99

Pour Flavashave shave enhancer into your bowl of hot water before you shave and it makes the water ‘softer’, thus helping your blade to glide more smoothly over your face. It sounds like a load of baloney, but it really works. Try it. Stockists:


3. Trevor Sorbie

Mg To Go range, £1.75 per item Hairdressers always seem to take a peculiar interest in where you are going on your holidays. But for once you might actually appreciate it, as Trevor Sorbie has launched a range of his products in mini-sized bottles to fit in your wash bag. Stockiest: selected Boots stores.

4. Gamier Ambre Solaire

Men 20, £13.49

With the shocking discovery that men and women are different, the makers of sun protection have finally given us men our own sun lotion, which won’t clag in body hair, is easy to apply and won’t come off during the first game of Frisbee. You can also look for coconut oil products, both for your skin and hair. There are many wide ranging virgin coconut oil benefits for your health. Stockiest: Tesco and other major pharmacies


5. REN

Multi-Mineral Detox

Facial Mask, 50m1, £17.50 Women have long known the benefits of face masks, but most men wouldn’t be seen dead buying one. Well, here’s one that will help your face look great and it comes in a masculine package that you won’t have to get your other half to buy. Stockiest: 0845 225 5600

6. Aramis

Ice eau de toilette, 100m1, £29 What were we saying about those summer scents? This one, as the name suggests, is cool and refreshing with just a hint of citrus. A bit like a nice gin and tonic.

How to afford music instruments

Since many years, man has been affiliated with music. Music can be defined as an expression of heart.  Music instrument can be defined as equipment that generates sound.  Music instruments are categorised into many streams depending on the tone they generate and the way they are played. Wind instruments, string instruments and electronic instruments are the different types of music equipment categories. Wind instruments are played using the column of air thus it results into vibrations, with the help of automatic keys you can play electronic instruments and strumming is required to play string instruments.

Musical instruments are also categorised by their musical range.  The following explains their categorisation with some examples.

  • Examples for Bass instruments: Bass Guitar, Bass Saxophone, Double Bass and Tuba.
  • Alto instruments: French Horn, Viola, English Horn, Alto Saxophone.
  • Soprano instruments: Violin, Flute, Trumpet, Oboe, Piccolo and Soprano Saxophone.
  • Tenor instruments: Trombone, Guitar and Tenor Saxophone.
  • Baritone instruments: Baritone Horn, Cello, Bass Clarinet and Bassoon are famous musical instruments.

Few instruments such as Cello may fall into more than one category.

Locate some funds to get the desired musical equipment that you are looking for. Usually musical instruments are costly to purchase. So, you should find ways to fund them that cost you less and help you save money. Open a savings bank account to save little money, this money can help you buy musical instruments you desire to purchase. If possible try to add as much as money as you can in your bank account, make sure that you are not withdrawing the amount. When you decided to purchase instrument try withdrawing amount from your bank. Saving money in bank account is the best way to afford expensive musical instruments.

musical device

There are number of resources to get cheap musical instruments. Shop around only after you have basic knowledge on musical instruments and different types of instruments available. Only then you should decide what type of musical tools you are interested to purchase. Go through the local musical stores to compare the prices and quality. You may get the same one at lower price in other musical stores. So, shop to get the best musical tool you are looking for. You can browse the internet search retail stores such as eBay to get the whole varieties of music gadget. You can consult online auction sites to get them at lower price. Whenever you go to buy a musical device at local musical store, take advice from your friend or family members who have knowledge on music tools to assist you. Even you can consider the option of taking used instruments from trusted local music stores then check its condition before paying the money.

If you are not able to pay the money, you can apply for loans to get your music device. If you need instant cash, you can apply for payday loans. If you are looking to take musical instrument borrowing a loan, make sure you buy it along with PPI. So, that if you are sick or lose your job, you can use PPI claims to receive refunds.

Father’s Blaze of Glory

At the house she jumped out and sprint­ed for the phone.

Neighbours came in twos and threes until there were about 15 families gathered. Most were still in their Sun­day clothes. I was eight and not much help, but Mother sent me to the barn to collect feed sacks. The heavy burlap, soaked in water, would be the only weapon against the fire. Vaughan had a two-engine fire department, but the engines were worthless so far from water.

Tom Foxx

When Dad arrived from Vaugh­an, he took charge. He sent Tom Foxx off to the windmill to fill a 500-gallon tank we kept on the back of an ancient lorry. That would be enough to keep the sacks wet for a time. The children were herded into the yard and put under the supervision of the oldest Thomp­son girl. Through the afternoon, 40 men and women stood shoulder to shoul­der in a pitifully short line and beat at the flames with wet sacks. For one dreadful hour it seemed the wind would push the fire towards the house and barn, but by four o’clock it was clear that the fire would burn to the east and spare the buildings.


About nightfall, the blaze reached the main road. There, that spring, in his customary precise manner, Dad had ploughed a wide fire-break in the lush grass to protect the ranch from cigarettes and matches that might be thrown out of passing cars. When the fire reached that bare earth, it hesitated. The bone-weary men and women seized the moment and beat it out.

But half our ranch was a smoul­dering carpet of black fibres too hot to walk on. Twenty head of cattle, trapped in a fence corner, were charred. Five more were burned so badly that Dad had to shoot them. And with the fury of the flames had gone all his hopes of pulling out of debt—all his hopes, really, of hav­ing a ranch at all.

Yet he stood in the yard, shaking hands with each neighbour, thank­ing them all for coming to help. When the last car’s tail-lights dis­appeared, he came inside. I saw that the new boots he had bought on the promise of the fat calves were ruined.


It would be weeks before the cattle were sorted and fenced. It would be only days before he had to think of buying winter feed. I was looking at a man who had fought hard but lost everything. As he took some coffee from Mother, I watched, feeling all the horror of the day, but fascinated by the lean, haggard man seated at the kitchen table.

Suddenly he reached out, put his arm round my waist and looked directly at me. “Had quite a bon­fire, didn’t we, boy ?”

“Did the cows burn up?” I asked. “Some.”

“You ruined your boots.”

He leaned down to inspect what remained of the fine, black boots. “Well,” he said, “they’ll make good work boots, and we’re both going to need some.”

I wanted to hug him, but I didn’t. I wanted to cry, but I didn’t. I offered the only thing I could think of.

“You can have my war bond if you want it,” I said.

His face broke into a grin. “You hang on to that bond, boy. You might want to make a trip to Sing­apore some day.”

“Singapore ?” I said, unable to fathom what he meant.

“Sure, all young men go to Sing­apore, didn’t you know that? I spent seven years in Singapore be­fore you were born.”

“You didn’t really.”

“Ask your mother,” he said, turn­ing to her. “She wouldn’t have mar­ried anyone who hadn’t been to Singapore.” Then he laughed, and I saw Mother’s face lift. We all laughed—and for a moment forgot about the fire. Mother sat down on his lap, put an arm round his neck and looked at him with pure love.

student council

“Ben,” she said, “you have more damn rally than a Roman army.”

I don’t thing I had ever heard the word before, but I knew exactly what it meant. And I knew instant­ly it was something worth having.

WHEN I finished my story, Cathy sat thinking for a moment before she spoke. “You know, Dad,” she said, “that story makes me feel very proud and very ashamed.”

Last autumn, Cathy was elected to the student council by a landslide. I promised her-much as I hate to give it up—that if she does a good job I will give her the old, battered white sign that used to hang so proudly at the entrance to the Moore ranch.